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Hello, I am Lina from Finland 22 years old, live alone. Make me warm! I am a funny girl, even in your bad day I am sure I will make you smile.

I will let you discover this &#59;)

I am a busty girl, funny and sweet, if you would like to know me better I am sure I will not disappoint you :) beautiful, attractive, charming, sexy

I love to suck big lollipops

I love sports, I like to cook, I love licking lollipops, like bananas In a private show with us we will include you on every single detail so you can also take part while we devour and satisfy our every need. You will not be bored at all because your needs will be met as well. WE WILL TRY NEW THINGS! Please ask. We enjoy making you happy and are all for helping those with fetishes cum as well. We will only have sex in private shows.

We both like to be dominated or submissive to the other. Sometimes we even play each others roles. We like to use toys and are into bondage, role playing, acting, and being spanked when one of us is bad. We talk a little rough and dirty to each other some too. If you have a certain fetish don't be afraid to ask if we will help you out, we will not judge you.

Some of our fantasies include getting caught in public having sex. We fantasise about living on a caribbean island and being able to stay completely nude all the time. Swirls secret fantasy includes all holes occupied and Tyson running the show! Just do it!

You will know it in my private &#59;)

I am a pretty young woman with a nice sense of humor :) A private show to me, means that my customer will have my complete attention, I don't like them to feel like they are being ignored, and who knows maybe something will happen.

I have always thought men and women were extremely attractive, and when I was wonder I didn't know if it was normal or not, getting crushes on my friends. Now that I am older I know that being Bisexual is actual quite a fun thing, being able to pleasure not only a man but a woman as well, makes me grin just thinking about it. I like to take control and make people submit to me, but I also love to submit myself, I guess I just happen to be one of the more kinkier out there.


It really turns me on when you are tender and gentle, because then I just get really WILD!